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We take the mystery out of
caring for your elderly loved ones

Caring for an elderly loved one is no simple task.

You’re often forced into making important decisions without any real time to research your options. Even if you do have time, where do you find answers you can trust?

And how are you supposed to find the right answers when you don’t even know the right questions?

Relax. We’re here to help.

Seniors Services Under One Roof is a coalition of senior care providers serving the Comox Valley and northern Vancouver Island. We’re the Comox Valley’s first “one-stop shop” for seniors and families providing care for seniors.


Services we provide include:

  • Eldercare advising, home health care services and ongoing
    care and monitoring
  • Assistance with relocation or retaining independence in an
    existing home
  • In-home (or in-office) foot care
  • In-home support
  • Professional home organizing and space planning
  • and more . . .

Caring for a senior may be new to you, but it’s not to us. We’ll help ensure that your elderly loved ones always have the support they need and the dignity they deserve. We take the mystery out of senior care and help you make sense of the decisions you'll need to make.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you’re finally free from the stress, worry and guilt of always wondering if you’re doing the right thing!


If you’re concerned about the well-being of an elderly loved
one in the Comox Valley or northern Vancouver Island,

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